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Azulla's Daimin


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Jelly Kittens


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Yay! An adventure!

A lot has been going on. I keep forgetting to update this.

Anyways, I'm in the last week of summer semester for CNM. English and Philosophy were pretty cool. For fall semester I'll be taking Analytic Writing and Bellydancing.

I've been trying to get into that bellydancing class for three semesters! But I finally did it. Got up at 6am to register for it.

I'll be registering for SSLC on Wednesday. Blarg, don't know how I feel about going back to "regular" school. But I dunno. Maybe I'll make some new friends...

...and maybe even get a boyfriend!

Well, I think that's it for now because I have to finish writing my last journal for Philosophy. These things are harder to write than you think!

~ Luca


Another Day, Another Blog


Hmmm...I decided to go ahead and create a blog that I'll actually use. Again. But this time I swear I'll stick with it because now I actually have things to write about. I didn't really before.

Anyways, cheers to a new blog!